Wednesday , May 12 2021

Lakers are dealing with Suns for Ariza

The Los Angeles Lakers participated in talks to try Phoenix Suns to advance Trevor Ariza, ESPN quotes.

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The teams worked together to get an agreement with a third team waiting for the Lakers, Kentavieus Caldwell-Pope, as part of a potentially bigger deal, said liga sources.

The Sun wants to get a toys and design awaits the price of 'Ariza download, the sources say. Phoenix and Los Angeles are preceded by the third team-senator, although there are no agreements, and both teams are still active in various trading courses in & # 39; The leagues say the sources.

No exchange can be officially completed until Saturday, as players like Ariza, who have been registered for summer free life club, have to acquire to sell.

Ariza is one of the most important business affairs for the Suns, losing 22 out of # 39; the current 26 games, and their best chance of strengthening their defense zone and earning active. Most of the incoming teams are interested in getting Ariza, 33, that's an important contribution to the Houston Rockets in # 39; the past seasons.

Caldwell-Pope has the feto power in an exchange, but the Lakers have told her to work with her agent, Rich Paul, if there is an agreement that will increase her role and possibly this summer with a Drawing new team, sources of 's league. Caldwell-Pope has a one-year contract for $ 12 million.

Caldwell-Pope, 25, has seen his minutes with his protests in the last season. He is averaging 8.5 points in 21 minutes, including 38 percent of writing in general and 34 percent of writing in three. He signed an annual contract and $ 12 million to recover this seago to the Lakers.

Ariza signed an annual contract for $ 15 million with Phoenix this summer. Phoenix is ​​relaxing with a start of 4-22, looking for a guard star Star Devil Booker to play more consistent with the ball.

The leak of Ariza's contract let the Lakers the flexibility of salary in # 39; Save Summer Saving Service. The general director of Lakers, Rob Pelinka, represented Ariza in his career as agent before joining the Lakers headquarters.

Ariza is in & # 39; 9.7 points, 5.5 rebels and 3.3 assistant this season.

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