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Kylie Jenner surprised the fans with a shocking change of look (Photo)

Kylie Jenner They could not stand until 2019 to see a change and forget all fans with a new kind: the young mother shows her light blue hair in her official Instagram account. The response of the fans was director, to turn it around to respond to the shocking change of a business novel.

23 hours after its publication, the image has almost reached millions of thousands of comments from the followers Kylie, it was also seen with a coat and chandal pants. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner's client recently caused a bird in many social networks sharing a sensual image in their social networks.

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For that image, Kylie Post a picture next to her baby with a beautiful silverware at the Christmas dinner of the clan Kardashian, that photo got him nine million love, one who won more interactions in the popular social network.

Kylie is currently one of & # 39; s most powerful and influential prominent, because of their brand Kylie Cosmetics has the top & # 39; A success is achieved, well above his older sister Kim Kardashian, who set up his beauty business. In addition, the success of it is Kylie their sanctity to & # 39; a native language is added to them at a short age, until the & # 39; the best parties to leave is to get her baby Stormi on.

Travis Scott's friend, however, has an unspeakable signal that she hasn't left behind her father. In social networks it is great to see him from sensual images that make his fans, and lately he has done it again: he is seen in a small money, with his hair disappeared and gave the legs, the Sinensuality of his shoes looks.

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