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Justice is acknowledged question and the U must pay Pinilla


The court custody announced the high figures that received the battle, one for extra compensation and the other for lost profits. The blues will call the ruler.

By: J. Urzúa

Justice accepted the question Mauricio Pinilla against Blue Azul's consul for unjustified development and, consequently, the director of University of Chile Should make a millionaire pay to the center of Sanjiguelino.

"The San Miguel occupation court approved the demand for labor rights abolition of ground rights by the footballers Mauricio Pinilla, who refused AZUL AZUL SA to charge $ 147,454,616 for additional compensation and $ 313,341,059 for concept of loss profit ", informed the judiciary.

Thus, Pinigol & # 39; 460,795,675 million after his commented distance from a university club.

"The protection petition is accepted for wounding fundamental rights and it is stated that AZUL AZUL SA has guaranteed the constitution, which has been recorded in Article 485 of Labor Code, in particular that number 4 and number 16 of article 19 of the Political Constitution of the Republic, on 39th floor of oral design designed to be July 31, 2018;, said the judge Alondra Castro Jiménez.

"Insecure, the worker was the freedom of work of actors and the right to volunteering, with the oral enhancement that was tackled on a July 31, 2018 material in a press conference, the prevention of & # 39; freedom of action of the applicant, even after November 7, 2018, I still have been registered as a player of his team, and even got the opportunity to earn new interests with other sports clubs, such as Club de Fútbol Rojinegros, SA the CV, best known as Atlas Football Club or Atlas of Guadalajara ", he said.

The blues will call the ruler.

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