Tuesday , November 30 2021

JUNJI recognizes the work of nurseries during a day of pedagogical reflection


A well-deserved recognition was received by the kindergartens of kindergartens and kindergartens under the direct administration of the National Kindergarten Bridge, in & nbsp; under the "Operational Leadership of a Humanizing Look", "# 39; The "Day of Nursery Education and the Párvulos Educator", which was held in Chile every November 22, of the year 1992.

The meeting was held in rooms of 'Region of Los Ríos' of # 39; The municipality Valdivia, which has more than 80 teaching teachers, have been accompanied by the ceremony of education, Tomás Mandiola, the Gobierno ceremony, Ann Hunter, the Director of Regional (s) of & nbsp; The JUNJI Los Ríos, Sebastián Retamal, and the one who is responsible of # 39; the Agency of Quality of Education, Marcela Gallardo, including special guests.

To mark this special date, the day in the first place was a document in the role of # 39; The child's teacher account was taken, according to the effect it has on the overall development of the # the children received the first training.

On occasion there were two employees of & # 39; the professional organization recognized that this 2018 declines. It was about the official Patricia Casner of the "Garden Campanita" kindergarten who had 41 years experience; and María Inés Asenjo from the kindergarten "Carrusel", the 31st working on the institution.

The second part of the day consisted of generating a space for reflection so that the teams managed to play kindergartens and nurseries from # 39; and various playgroups in the region, dripping around & # 39; The role of a transformational leader is an exemplary and humanizing perspective, They work in their daily work in education that they work.

The day was enlightened with the artistic presentation of the Chamber Orchestra of Liceo Armando Robles Rivera de Valdivia, which was broadcast two years ago under the direction of Professor Soledad Guzman, the musical piece "Puerta del Tiempo" of & # 39; the Chilean musical group "Bordemar", and "Rondeau" by the English composer Henry Purcell. Then it was the turn of composer and interpreter of a conceptual contemporary classical guitar, Roberto Espinosa, who has the audience enjoying musical instruments of his own writers.

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