Friday , July 30 2021

It would have delivered the price of a PlayStation 5 and its departure date

Although many analysts predict in 2018, 2019 will be a year of transition to name the new consoles that come soon, both Sony with its division of play Station as Microsoft May Xbox, they will come with her Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett respectively. Information from a developer that prevents it from remaining anonymous has indicated things Playstation 5, the upcoming console Sony.

The information is posted in a Pastebin repository, a public place where everyone with access to an account will provide this kind of disclosure should we be cautious about how we take this information.

As detailed by this developer, he would work with a company that extensively excludes a Triple A game. PS5So, according to them, closeness to a console, about what it read, is that Sony, though, this time does not go to E3 2019, the announcement of & # 39; e Playstation 5, it will be done by that date, and it will be a very subtle announcement of the company, probably in one of them State Of Play, a program where you'd like to talk about the new thing is coming Play Station.

He also explained that it Playstation 5 fan Sony will be discussed in March 2020, between March and November of that year, as well Jason Scheier, editor of Kotaku, that has multiple internal sources to provide this information, now one of & # 39; s top points, for which Playstation 4 won in the console wars of this generation, the price, the developers also played with this data, Saying that the PS5 costs $ 499 USD and that the company loses $ 100 USD per sold deviceAnd what happened Playstation 4But at that time Sony was lost $ 60 USD per console.

Perhaps we see in the expected announcement that maybe and Microsoft can do this year, to see how much it will cost the upcoming generation of consoles, it's the price of & # 39; a device is to be driven to $ 499 USD, but it was just this point there & # 39; t Sony succeeded in overcoming Microsoft In the past and the US brand, no more than $ 500 per console can carry, as a number of years ago launch start Playstation 3

No further information will be allowed to qualify for this route and so we said that anyone could know this type of file from & # 39; information currently treated by the nineteenth generation consoles, and so is expected between this and next year Playstation 5 are known and formally established.

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