Wednesday , July 28 2021

Is the Nissan Life a Cheap Electric Car?

If you think of a electric car Perhaps the Nissan Leaf is one of the first ones to appear in your mind and that is to two generations at & # 39; a mark if the offer is not too bulky, the Nissan Leaf has managed to make a niche and a clear reference for those you think about buying an electric car. Now Nissan is promoting and the question is a must, Is it or is it an economic electric car?

The Nissan Leaf in promotion for 32,600 euros has a price close to 39,000 euros

De Nissan Leaf Currently, a knowledgeable starting price has come 32,600 euros, a prize in promotion that goes through financing by the financial proposal by the brand and that leaves us with a total amount of agencies of 38.804 euros, a sum that we have to cancel at 6,520 euros, a monetary compensation of 487 euros for 37 months and a high final of 14,000 euros.

With a price of 35,000 euros, the Nissan Leaf, under the current electric cars, provides a correct price / autonomy ratio when we take the BMW i3 into account, with 260 km of autonomy and 170 HP but with a prime interior and more concept design share 39,900 euros.

In order to set this price in context, we need to think that this car, without estimation, would initially have a price 35,000 eurosBut how, how is the Nissan Leaf that we take for this 35,000 euro, 38,804 euros when we finance the financial market?

The Nissan Leaf has a power of 150 HP and a range of 270 km

This Nissan Leaf is the most modest Nissan Leaf in the range, a Nissan Leaf Acenta that you have offered us appliances These include elements such as the 8-inch multimedia system, the navigator, the intelligent cross-control, the rear camera, the 16-inch army rails, the climate control system and the smart-key system, -up button

In performance and autonomy, this Nissan Leaf has an electric motor that gives us the power 150 HP and their batteries offered us a variety 270 km in combined bike and up to 389 kilometers if we only do a city tour.

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If you are thinking of buying a Nissan Leaf, consider that in the coming months the Volkswagen group will launch an important number of new electric cars, such as SEAT's advanced with the SEAT e-Boarn. You also have to BMW i3 that has a starting price, without pay, of 39,900 euros and that has a power of 170 HP and a range of 260 km.

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