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Incorrect cohesion: Suprema sets Bermúdez to reorganize Dorothy Pérez as a subcontractor

In a split vote, the third Chamber of the General Court supports the decision of the Court of Appel and the Board of Governors. removing subcontractor. The sin disappears the head of 's ability to help it in collaboration with a lawyer, he ' t just came out of & the way of "trust of confidence" had lost and with whom he was justified, in a process he hyperventilated through the media. The defense of Perez resulted in the resolution: "From the outset, we have said that the acceleration of" # # # # # # # # was a republican arbitrary and illegal reporter, "said Ciro Colombara. [ACTUALIZADA]

The third court of the court ruled the conflict in a Comptroller office, where he was severely injured to Jorge Bermúdez, when he decided to rescind Dorothé Pérez .

In a favorable vote, the judge decided to affirm the decision of the Court of Appel – that the subcontractor's advantage was when they accepted their appeal for protection – and that "illegal and arbitrary" the actions of & # 39; head of & # 39; the supervisory board.

The decision of the highest court before Pérez was ratified by the ministers Sergio Muñoz and María Eugenia Sandoval G., while she said Pérez. Carlos Aránguiz Z., Arturo Prado and Ángel Vivanco.


Under the trial, Bermúdez's defense – tried by the State Council and tried to defend the arguments of Dorothy Pérez in her appeal for protection, which determined that the lawyer wanted to "live a life" keeping up and looking for a office.

However, the approach of CDE and Bermúdez was not accepted by the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court, which gave all the reasons for the defense of Pérez.

"In response to the reasons, without legal support for support, the subcontroller has not removed a remuneration of free money from trust, the procedure of & # 39; the highest authority of & # 39; 39; a Comptroller General of the Republic, contained in resolution No. 21 of August 22, 2018 is opposed to legal norms called '' 'and are currently in force , especially Article 4 of Law No. 10,336, the appellant accepts the fundamental rights of a person for whom recreation is made, "says the resolution.

The resolution also supports the words of former president Patricio Aylwin Azócar in his book Administrative Law of 1962, where he notes that the "controller with the sub-comptroller enjoying an abundance of property # & # 39; the Superior Courts of Justice, a former trial of "amovilidad according to the Organic Code of Courts", so that the upcoming thing is due to the defense of Perez.

"It's a direct compensation from a subcontractor"

In & # 39; time of & # 39; Ciro Colombara, lawyer for Dorothy Perez, said he was "very satisfied" with the resolution. "From the outset, we have said that the actions of" # # # # # # # # # # # # of the Republic of the Republic have been arbitrary and illegal, "he said.

The lawyer added that it was a "direct remuneration of subcontractor" and "a failure to complete a complete and temporary way," he told Radio Cooperativa.

Female Comptroller

The decision of the whole court has Bermúdez in a terrifying form, to get him in & # 39; The paper would be hugging to compete with "Pérez" with Pérez, which he would leave his office, "the loss of trust".

In addition, the subcontractor will report to a desk in the # 39 view of # The hurricane has been said to have been addressed by a controversial process, even hyperventilated by the media, where the total bug in the relationship was proven between its two main governors.

A stuff that's also included in the & # 39; The survivors are survived, what will happen with María Soledad Frindt, the lawyer that Bermúdez has installed as a sub-contractor after removing Pérez. In any case, as the same checklist later clarified, Frindt will return to the position of head of the Public Finance Committee of # 39; the institution. At the same time, he thought that the documents and documents filed by Frindt under his term as subcontractor have full money.

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