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In the US, Black Friday,


New York, USA.

United States of America Prepared for intense consumption around 5 days. Black Friday or "Black Friday" It is estimated that 164 million people will shop in the era of massive discounts imported from other countries. Open the Christmas season. That Retail and Online

The kickoff is a Thanksgiving holiday, but it is famous for eating traditional baked turkey with people nearby. The fourth Thursday of NovemberThere are already discounts this weekend. "Free Black Friday" At Amazon, one of the biggest leading companies.

But the shopping craze rises when the greatest discounts arrive between Thursday and Cyber ​​Monday ("Cyber ​​Monday"), represented by Black Friday and Saturday of small businesses and many consumers are happy to wait.

According to the National Retail Federation, about 144 million people in the United States are planning to shop after the turkey or twice in the United States. " Cyber ​​Monday ", Demand for trade "will be ready", said Matthew Shay, director in the statement.

The NRF's abbreviated English abbreviation was surveyed more than 7,500 people, and it was found that the most (65%) of the "discount advantages", which is the main reason for shopping, was found. 26% of respondents to follow the consumerist "tradition" of Thanksgiving

From November through December, Americans are expected to spend an average of $ 720,000,000 (4.8% or more), or an average of $ 1,007, for gifts and decorations, but over the past year, more than a third of the budget Used only next weekend.

"Consumer confidence is higher than ever, unemployment is the lowest in decades, and wages are rising," Shay said.

He also added tariffs on Chinese products imposed by the US government. They will have a minimal impact on the final price this summer because the trade has already "pre-imported records".

Also, according to the NRF, the preferences for department stores and physical retailers, from giant Walmart to Macy's chain stores, are similar to Amazon-led digital commerce, and mobile phones continue to gain momentum.

And since 2016, Internet payments in North America have grown much faster than traditional sales. This holiday season is estimated at about $ 124.1 billion, 14.8% more than last year.

"Black Friday" is expected to increase Internet revenue to $ 23.4 billion (a 19% increase over last year) over five holidays. .

This is a calculation of Adobe Digital Insights that analyzes online transactions for the top 100 US web retailers. Cyber ​​Monday is the most important time to buy online. Sales volume and sales amounted to 78 million units (17.6% increase) respectively.

Despite the expected heavy spending, "Black Friday" was born in the 1970s in America. And if it is exported to other countries, it is smaller than other bourgeoisie of China, which is the more recent trail celebrated on November 11th.

Just one week before the tenth anniversary, the day that the single was designed to win each other is more than twice as much as the usual collection of about $ 322.82 million sold online on the Alibaba Group's platform. "Black Friday "And Cyber ​​Monday. EFE

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