Monday , June 21 2021

If Bozán leaves, U. de Conce is in the folder.

Campanile 's current coach is tempted by O' Higgins after the contract is over. If you leave his position, at Campanile they have the current coach name of Colo Colo to replace him.

Héctor Tapia buys Colo Colo's DT last week.. Although the year is over, the contract will not be renewed if the economy is not good in 2019, but he may be short of jobs.

And as Al Aire Libre of Cooperativa reported, Universidad de Concepción is in the folder in case Francisco Bozán is out., Because it also ends its connection in December.

The psychologist is one of O 'Higgins' options in case Marco Antonio Figueroa remains until the end of the year. The team is not limited to Copa Sudamericana. The ghost has arrived in an emergency to save Mauricio Larriera's disaster and is undefeated, but his future is uncertain. If he leaves, Biovio's "Pep" can get to the monastery, and Tito can rescue him from the Campanile.

Funny thing is that if it happens, Tapia can go back to Copa Libertadores., Because the penquista squad with the 52 points qualifies for the previous stage of the championship.

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