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"I think the sitting way of life is leading to the obesity from the Magalanes."


LObesity is still a problem for the country and above all.o
Magallanes area. A new report was released this week.
By the United Nations Organization
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
The highest obesity indicator of women in South America.

According to
"Panorama of American Food and Nutrition Assurance
Latina and Caribbean 2018 "31% of women over 18 years of age
The year presents this condition.

As a result of the detailed study, the Chilean male obesity index And 24.9% in South America.

According to
Latest data from last National Health Survey
13.6% or more of children under 6 years of age in Magallanes, 2016-2017
They represent obesity and people 14 to 64 years old are observed

Local feedback

This, Mariela Rojas, the health department of Magallanes,
Obesity is a regional and national problem as well as a woman.
But men and boys are the most serious.

By policy
We are researching a few fronts.
You can get good results.
Especially, the situational lifestyle and cultural change
Food, I think the sitting way
obesity. "

Other times, during his time in Magallanes,
Asistenciales' doctor Luis Castillo said,
As well as women's problems, Chileans also have problems
Obesity, childhood obesity is a very serious problem and obesity
The same is an essential approach that we need to address.
In addition to health, cross-
Education and physical exercise ".

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