Monday , May 17 2021

"I Have Affected Many": Andrea Arístegui Invites Details to His TV Channel | TV and Espectáculo

This is the day to discuss the periodical Andrea Arístegui The TVN, the first thing they have seen in the Canal Valley for more than 15 years.

In concrete terms, however, its renuncia, apart from the projections of the political program Estado Nacional y el noticiero 24 Horas al Día.

Comunicadora llegó a la señal como debió realizar a profesional laborado, por lo que decarrolla toda su vida periodistica en especial televisivo.

In a conversation with the National Circle Diary of the Cuarta, Archbishop confiscated from a dolar decision, which would have taken place by "delaying several months that would have been complicated for the Canal, and I have been afflicted greatly".

In effect, TVN has been experiencing a crisis-free economic crisis over the last two months. In September this year, the Canal Registry of $ 11 million millions, according to Jaime de Aguirre, director of management, has released the cargo that requires "a decidious political, political and spiritual" system.

One of these consecuencies is to declare an eco-ordinate son of the despidos of the colaboradores. On the one hand, Archipregate Manifesto concludes that "the great part of the workshops that have devoted its functions to volunteer. Me has a golpeado de manera profunda And there is an emotional need for the salary of the Canal, even though it is an acronym and a perfect fit. "

In order to work in the political process, it is said that "there is always the one who has a decisive decree. Espero de todo corazón que se mantenga vivo el proyecto, that is fundamental to a bigger and more democratic cause ".

Su nueva casa television serial mega. There are seven confirms and 7 pages that are available in the new Mega Plus project, which is the second Mega Media cable, which is used to acquire homosexuals and women ABC1 between 35 and 50 years.

In the case of existent information, Arístegui sentenció que "It has not been confirmed yet, por lo tanto no tengo nada más que decir. (Overall) the details of the negotiations are so prudent, in respect of the person and the involvement of the people, pre-emptively introducing ".

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