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How to play Red Dead Redemption 2 version that children can see


Red Dead Redemption 2.
Image: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 It is not for children. Developed by Rockstar Games, this game features violence, torture, cowboy Rude and many other joys for a mature audience. Fortunately, parents Gamer You can easily breathe because the most confusing, antisocial, and violent content is found in missions and in certain people.

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So if you make the right decision Red Dead 2 Roy Rogers can be as straight as the story of the West. Once a child is in bed, you can keep your shoots and robberies on the train.

Here are a few things you can enjoy at the same time as children in the game.

Avoiding Missions

Image: Rockstar Games

Go to the camp and feel tempted to see what the Netherlands and the group are doing, but do not do it to avoid disturbing content. The Dutch and his men almost always need your help with the theft that "can not be wrong." On the contrary, it will be very wrong and you will have to use a weapon to get out of the situation. At least your son asks, "Dad, why did you blow the head of a police officer?" It is better to avoid missions.

In this sense, do not quit to talk to strangers you find on the roadside. This mission may seem like an opportunity to teach your child the importance of helping others, but sometimes a stranger who needs help is a criminal who steals or kills you. It is better to continue your journey.

Play thousands of mini games

Image: Stephen Johnson

Mini Games on Red Dead Redemption 2 They can have a good time for the whole family as long as there is no problem with small bets. Because there are many opportunities to enjoy cards or dominoes throughout the map, parents and children can interact and make a little money.

Texas Hold 'Em is a classic. This game can teach children the basics of poker. However, townspeople and city people sometimes talk about absurd stories that do not suit children. Therefore, make sure that the volume is low during the performance.

Blackjack is also fun and will teach you to add numbers to your child to get 21 years old. You can teach your child how to count cards so you have a lifetime career option.

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Red Dead 2 It has three versions of dominoes. They are easy to understand and play. So even the smallest child can have fun. The bet is low, but the money you earn from the game is helpful after your son goes to bed and visits the grand total.

Avoid mini games called. Five finger fillet. I do not want to see how quickly a child can put their hands on a table and lift a knife to poke the gap between their fingers. Doing this in real life will ruin a good table in the best case, and in the worst case it will end with a trip to the emergency room.

Go to the game.

Image: Stephen Johnson

If you are not worried about witnessing violence related to hunting and skinning, you can hunt animals while spending time hunting for all kinds of animals, from muskets and rabbits to legendary animals. Game (I hope they do not kill you first).

hunt Red Dead 2 It is more than "looking for animals, aiming at guns and pulling trigger." You must find the food and use the right weapon to kill them without hurting precious hides, and approach them with surprise using smellful bait and caution. Realistically, if you do not mind tying animals to your thongs, you and your children can spend hours enjoying the false nature while looking for God's great creatures and killing them.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about animal rights, you can simply study and photograph wildlife photographs. Red Dead 2 Without killing them, I added their information and description to the anthology of the game. But be careful: animals may attack you, so you may need to shoot a bear or two to save you.

Go fishing.

Image: Stephen Johnson

Like almost everything in the open world Red Dead 2, The fishing system is complex and rich, but can be ignored if desired. do not be like this. Trying to catch many kinds of fish swimming in rivers, lakes, streams and seas is very fun and relaxing.

Most of the "rules" of real fishing are applied here, so you need a certain bait to get a certain fish. Luck during the sunrise will be better than noon.

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Once you have mastered the basic rules of fishing, you can get the legendary fish of the game and hear great stories to share in local stores. If you want, you can turn the fish back into water.

Garbage catching in the grassland

Image: Stephen Johnson

There are many kinds of useful plants in the old west. If your child likes flowers, you can pick flowers all day long. You can then sit in front of the fire and make medicines or ointments to sell, use or speak. At the same time, you can improve your meat and fish from cowboys and chefs.

Finding rare plants can be a pleasure for hours. To get the most exotic herbs and species, you must explore the game's detailed environment and travel (or climb) to a remote area.

Horse, horse, horse

Image: Stephen Johnson

Only a little girl loves horses beyond cowboys. If you have a captive woman, Red Dead 2 It allows you to connect with your little one for hours.

You can train, steal, or purchase a wide variety of horses from the Gentile Persian horse in Tennessee to the majestic Arab horse. Once you have established a connection with a horse (eg "Ranunculus" or "Killing Machine"), you can always do your best by naming, feeding, caring, and buying elegant frames and accessories.

The true joy of the horse is of course to ride them. The game's challenge system offers a lot of work on horses. But be careful. Some of these tasks involve asking people to ride a horse or trample a small animal.

It is popular in the old west.

Image: Stephen Johnson

Not only can you have the best look possible. If you and your children want to dress up, Red Dead 2 Fashion icons can be. From the clothes of a poor farmer to the clothes of a poor farmer, you can put Arthur as you please. fashion Cashmere vest and hat.

You can change clothes every day in the camp or hotel room. Sets and accessories are available at regular stores. If you want a more urban look, you can visit the city's tailors and hairdressers.

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Because the hero's hair and beard grow through the game, you can leave your mustache, shave everyday, or use a long beard like a hipster to elegantly line your hair. You can buy hair at a regular store so your hair grows quickly.

Enjoy the old western theater.

Image: Stephen Johnson

There are several "magic lantern" shows you can enjoy in a small town. Red Dead 2 At an affordable price. When you arrive in the big city of Saint Denis, you can see your own rare show. Do not worry, you can only see dancers in Cancan de París.

I did not see this show if I was playing alone, but I was happy to have seen it with my son. They are very interesting details to make the world. Red Dead 2 It feels like reality.

Be a better criminal in the old west.

Image: Stephen Johnson

I just realized how fun it is to say "hello!" Red Dead 2 I'm playing with my 5 year old niece. Because she is so outgoing, we go to a big city and press the button to "greet" everyone we have seen.

The game does not reward you for being kind, but there are so many hunting cowboys on the streets that it's fun to have a cup of coffee and see the kids shouting "Hello girl". . We do not meet any rude person. I was doing my most elegant outfits and paid all the prizes. You will see how much time it takes.

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But you might think that this is an opportunity to know where to steal when the child goes to bed.

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