Saturday , June 19 2021

"HIV transformation in & # 39; workplace does not exist"

The president of the state HIV / AIDS coordinator, Ramn Espacio, decided that "the risk that HIV is convinced in the workplace does not exist," as indicated in & # 39; a "day for non-discrimination of people with HIV at work" & # 39 ;, you & # 39; yesterday was at & # 39; a Council of Youth of Spain.

Currently, the general director of & # 39; a Public Service, Javier Rueda, has considered that the current situation of unavoidable is the consequence of & # 39; a "pandemic alarm", that & # 39; t in & # 39; first years of & # 39; Disease arose, if not enough information was available barriers to access to public employment.

At present, the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatments does not justify this discrimination. In this sense, Rueda says that in public administration "we want the best and we cannot learn to shut down people, because they have a disease".

On November 30, the government in the Council of Ministers has the elimination of HIV, psoriasis, self-esteem and diabetes. e exclusion tables approved for all public employment, because these diseases do not affect the workplace.

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