Saturday , September 18 2021

Hike and senior

Luis Alberto Parada Salinas
Academic of Pedagogy in Physical Education
San Sebastian University

Older people are a growing group in our population, as in many regions of the world. The increase in life expectancy and other variables related to the birth rate explain this phenomenon, which increases the average age of the population.

In this context, Whenever we have older people, active and ready to pass on their experience and opportunities, it is essential that they stay in the best physical and mental health conditions, implementing different strategies.

From the point of view of increasing levels of physical activity, there are various alternatives related to their tastes, interests, capacities and resources. One of them, simple, accessible and highly recommended, is walking.

The march is a pattern of cyclic and rhythmic movements that is automatically repeated with great mechanical and energy efficiency. However, we can consider considering doing something as simple as walking, especially when it comes to older people.

The first thing is a positive mental disposition to enjoy the activity, there is no worse exercise than the one that does not achieve compliance. You need to select a suitable, wide shoe that provides good support and you can move your foot with adequate clearance and ventilation.

Choose your route taking into account the characteristics of the terrain, such as type of regular or irregular surface, climatic characteristics, temperature, inequality, slopes and the question that it will be necessary for its development, this will formulate an idea regarding the time and intensity which will be necessary for their realization.

If the terrain requires it if it is already an element incorporated into our lives, then use walking sticks or support elements that are a good alternative in their various varieties. It is always a good idea to ask for special advice or recommendation for this.

It should be noted that human mobilization progresses, sideways, regresses, and so on. and that it is always positive to train with caution for a functional life. Walking speed is controlled by increasing your stride length or by slowing it down and increasing your frequency. This strategy is more typical and natural for the elderly person and increases stability and safety on the walk.

Whatever strategy or mechanism is selected, determining what the self-perception of optimal walking or walking speed is is useful for selectively programming at routines speeds that record development times above and below this speed, since both are likely to have only a greater energy consumption will require for mechanical efficiency. These strategies can be helpful when starting an exercise program that includes walking. Steps to work!

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