Sunday , March 26 2023

"He is a man and will die": Congressman Daniela Vega attacked in city council | National


A strong statement on the main character of the Oscar-winning movie, Daniela VegaThey advertised themselves through video broadcasts on social networks.

This is the capture of a session of the Coronel City Council that Carmen Madinagoitia (RN) of Parliament said among other things, actress "He is a man and a man is going to die."

This happens after the local authorities. Leonidas Romero (Leonidas Romero) Due to accusations and sanctions that have been made after the actor's statement

"I applaud Romero to pay 1% of the ethics committee. I think he is the same.. Daniel Vega tells me to pay money if he has to pay 10% because he is a man. "Said Madinagoitia.

"Since the man is going to die, he (Romero) told me what he is," a lawmaker who accused former President Michelle Bachelet added. Bringing the "stupid" law, The law of abortion in three causes and implies the civil service agreement.

"Tomorrow, as Daniela Vega says, She was sick with prostate.He is a person, "said Madinagoitia.

Francisco Reyes, a member of the PPD, said in a statement that, beyond Romero's discounts, Homosexuality should be eradicated from the country.

"Like the sixties The communists had to be eliminated and killed.Today, we talk about people with transsexual themes, and in terms we say, tomorrow means they can kill you, "Reyes added.

He also told colleagues "Be careful with the word.Above all, we are public figures and broadcast us. Homophobia is a sensitive issue in society. "

Constanza Valdéz, an activist and legal counsel, said that on his Twitter account, a lawmaker complained to a lawmaker about a senator, Violate the principle of morality Said it was an attack on Daniela Vega's identity.

Here is a statement from Carmen Madinagoitia.

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