Thursday , June 24 2021

Hantavirus: a woman from Castelli died in La Plata hospital

"As a mayor, I have a duty report, with a lot of pain, that confirm a dead by hantavirus in Castelli" communicated be Saturday municipal head of that city Buenos Aires, Francisco Echarren.

De victim it was identified as Thaís Pérez, fan 33 years old, daughter from & # 39; e councilor Norberto Pérez, acknowledged doctor local that President the official block, confirm The News 1 from the municipality of Castelli.

Mother fan three children and work in it sector fan laboratory from & # 39; e hospital Municipal, had been derivative from your city of origin sanatorium Ipensa fan The Silver the Thursday past, may symptoms that later letter will be confirmed by the hantavirus.

Yet "It is unknown where & # 39; it could be infected", inform sources from & # 39; municipal government, where & # 39; prevention and in request what it repeats in it Buenos Aires interior: that it holders fan empty place the keep clean and weeded.

The mayor Echarren calls to enter meeting fan urgency to you cabinet and Exited duel officer, in the middle sold from & # 39; e holes from & # 39; s city you & # 39; due to what happened.

"We will do everything to prevent more cases" assured Excursions in their social networks and added: "we need to help us, decrease the meadow of his houses, country, turn on with the measures fan prevention and let's talk with the owners what keep clean yes batches"

The one of them Thai Pérez is the fatal case number 14 registered in it country and gave the eleven of Epuyen, province of Chubut; the one in Tartagal, Salta; and that of Entre Ríos.

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