Saturday , May 28 2022

Google Pay is currently Available in Chile


They have been adulterous about a month ago and they are officially! Google pays for its arribo oficial and Chile.

The Google Platform Platform that enables us to realize mobile devices using the NFC wireless network of our smartphone with Android is available and download free of charge Google Pay of Google Play.

The news was informed by the Google News, which was much better for us Credit Card CMR Visa for Realizing Mobile Payments with Google Pay, as cum como demuestra las siguientes capturas:

But this is not the case with the lector, but in the section Payments from Google Pay Here are some of the major business deals in Chile for agreeing staging practices such as Starbucks Rewards, Walmart Chile, LATAM Chile, Subway, Burger King, Hard Rock Café, Adidas, Santa Isabel, Canon, WOM … and a bigger deal.

If you have a device with Android and NFC, you will be able to access mobile devices in Chile with Google Pay which is officially registered in our country.



One of the reasons for the publication of this note, Falabella has actively completed the Google Pay activation process.

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