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Google Maps always knows where you are, so you can disable it. Technology and Science | news

When opened Google Maps, The application automatically registers the user's location. You can also guess your home and work addresses based on how often you visit. If you turn off Location History, the BBC will report it.

"It is to enhance the user experience", the company is just. Provides powerful control so that users can "clear their records at any time". There's a step-by-step article on how to delete records from the database on our blog for two weeks.

But clear the remaining space. Google Maps It is more complicated. When you search for an address or set a path, the company records this information and stores it in the database. Everything you are looking for and daily tours are stored in "Location History".

In addition to & # 39; Improving the user experience, "this data is used to monitor the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet, which has been in place since 2014.

According to Graham Cluley, a UK security researcher, Google Maps If the & # 39; Location History & # 39; option is an error, do not register your activity. The claim was based on an AP investigation and prompted criticism from US lawmakers who accused Google of infringing on user privacy.

Google said it provides a "clear description of the tool." There is now a process to step through the user records in the corporate database. But it will only be next year. Google Maps Product manager Eric Miraglia said he would choose the same options.

"Direct access to privacy controls on Google products we use every day is one of our constant efforts to protect everyone's privacy," he added. In the meantime, your data will remain in our records.

Save my data –

I can see what he knows. Google Maps Your Google Account has an event in your "Personal Information." Folder Google MapsClearing your search history is not helpful, but your company will go to "Web & Application Activity".

We'll show you everything we do on Google services in the sections mentioned above. You must disable this option. To do so, go to your Google Account and select & # 39; Account Activity Control & # 39; and disable the feature.

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