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“gave him maternal advice” »DUPLES

Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning.
Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning.

Mega’s driver, Jose Luis Repenning, will be one of the celebrities participating in the new program “The Covers”, Lately, his followers have noticed that his voice has become hoarse. Priscilla vargas she was concerned and gave her theory about it.

Repenning’s partner, who is currently on holiday, said the driver’s voice was affected because of his participation in “The Covers”,

“#LiberenaRepe. The consequences of singing so much “, He said Priscilla vargas via her Twitter account visibly worried about Repenning, To which he added a maternal advice, ‘There’s honey in the office furniture. Sweethearts, team “,

Before the comments of Priscilla vargas, José Luis was not silent, “If he’s already up, let him come and replace me”he said humorously during the performance “Meganoticias Amanece”.

Other netizens also responded to concerns about the driver’s voice and began sending him advice via social networks.

Priscilla Vargas left honey in the office for Repenning

Repenning will participate in the new talent show Eddie Vedder, the vocalist of Pearl Jam, That he assured that he was ready to make all his efforts to stand up “The Covers”,

“I will do my best. To give everything so that you try to enjoy yourself, you have a good time (…). I have never participated in anything like this”said in Meganoticias, This would be the cause of the irregularity in the voice of Repenning in the last days, provoking the real worries of his mate, Priscilla Vargas.

It should be noted that the new television room in the 48 famous will perform with their covers, will be hosted by Karla Constant. In addition, 8 participants are shown in each chapter.

The jury will be composed of: Beto Cuevas, Oscar Mediavilla Y Javiera Contador,

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