Wednesday , May 12 2021

Gallacta's reactions made the difference

By Emilio Coppolillo Bianco | The river won justice with the final of the final of Copa Libertadores de América after 120 minutes making the difference between a ductile technical body and agile reflections, the game itself Gallardo from a VIP box on & # 39; the Bernabéu read well, and another did not succeed in changing a firm scheme if the circumstances needed it.

There was talk of the game of confrontation between a fixed team (river) and a group of wealthy individuals (Boca) and Madrid night was a privileged witness.

Barros Schelotto hit the first half with a 4-3-3 switch in attack that was 4-5-1 with Villa and Pavón once the opponent had the ball and because of the striking currency from midfielders. River, it was more at the time of attack and almost no surprises attacked.

Boca went further with a logical advantage to Benedetto's definitive definition, with the help of an error of 'central' the river, especially Maidana, but in the second time he responded when the "millionaire" flyers a different dynamic and a different clarity in the tide of # a bullet.

The river does not need to change the scheme to move the game and begin to start a strikingly unsafe Andrada. He followed Pratto on tip and five flyers, with "Pity" Martinez and "Nacho" Fernandez more open, but changed his conviction while playing and searching for the spaces between the xeneizes flyers and their tip markers.

That was a powerful moment of the game because the "Mellizo" had the chance to strengthen the middle and complicate the transfer of the rival, but he and since the inauguration of # The Colombian Quintero for the given Ponzio (another success of the River River) The court was a single team: the winner.

The river came in a good collective action and the river became clear to the owner of the field and the ball against a static opponent who did not defend well and had great difficulty to reach the bow.

At this point he goes to a different aspect to play less. It was always said that Boca had more campus than river, but what is the use of this if he does not make use of it?

How to explain that the Colombian Cardona has not even been in the relay bank and was Zárate, a player who did nothing important since his arrival at the club after his controversial departure from Vélez?

How to explain that Almendra has gone from starter to the frustrated game at the Monumental to not be among the seven who today were replacements at the Bernabéu?

With a sharp rolster, even without Scocco and with the young Julián Alvarez as an alternative, Gallardo took the juice out of his players and any change he made the meaning of the team that had low to high , improved or improved.

The antithesis of a Barros Schelotto, which was determined to hold Villa and Pavón in court, when they did not engage in attack and defense, often as a consequence of # the great return of 90 minutes. Connected to a scheme that did not give the dividends the first 45 minutes.

Or how to say that Tevez played just 10 minutes, in second supplement, when Boca lost 2-1 and one player less for Barrios's expedition.

The River's superior ended up with the purpose of Quintero, but it was not of chance but for its collective and numerical superiority.

The third goal, with a Boca who scored the brightest with his goalie, ran a result that the river's passage was built by the intelligence and reflection of his coaching staff.

And the deserving crowning may have been a malignant rejection of the collective at the time when individual and arrogance would be great.

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