Friday , April 23 2021

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Samsung this February 20 will produce its new half phones called "Galaxy S10". This phone will have many innovations on your phone and will try to position itself as the prevalence of the consumer.

It reaches Galaxy S10 It will be complete of three different phones: S10 Lite, S10 and S10 Plus, with screens of different sizes and with key innovation. The preference of this three device will be in a hole on the screen, so it will not & # 39; not & # 39; be like the iPhone.

Saksung S10 | Images with the design of the new phone are dropped one month after their start

►Samsung Galaxy S10 | More details and leaks from the mobile being presented in February

►The Galaxy S10 would be the first Samsung to connect with 5G and with six cameras

The preferences could be integrated into a hole on the screen, according to some previous ones. De Galaxy S10 +So, to say a double camera and a little bigger praise, they were made by Evan Blass.

Galaxy S10 | Price in dollars and euros

A little less than a month to start, they are further details of the new S10, now linked to their price, which has social networks.

According to the Italian portal Tutto Android, which in the past has the characteristics of Samsung models and now the storage level & # 39; s from the new S10, if a user wants to want this mobile phone, he must have a good money check out.

Price from the Samsung S10

Reviews of the Samsung S10

Although the official prizes of & # 39; the versions of & # 39; e Samsung S10, filtering has already caused a storm of criticism for business seekers. Some of them say that the cost of a mobile phone is over an area.

According to the blogger "MarcianoTech", as these prizes have been confirmed, Samsung I would make the same mistake Apple, that & # 39; s selling phone for three years.

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