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Full consciousness can lead to menopausal symptoms

Full awareness, or intensity, is associated with fewer symptoms of menopause in women, says a study by the Mayo clinic (USA) recently published in Climacteric: The Journal of the International Menopause Society ( Climacteric: The Journal of the International Menopause Society). The researchers found that being fully aware can be especially useful in menopausal women who learn about righteousness, hardness and depression.

"In this study, we found that red women with the highest levels of full awareness were fewer menopausal symptoms, suggesting that full awareness could be a hopeful means of helping them with the symptoms of menopause and menopause. Stress in general, "says general international and female health addict Dr. Richa Sood, leadt author of & # 39; e study.

Full consciousness is about concentrating attention on the present and certain thoughts and feelings, without making any kind of judgment. Previous studies have shown that practicing full awareness can become stress and improve the quality of life.

In the United States it is estimated that 6,000 women reach each day and is expected to increase by 55 years older than 46 million by the year 2020 by women. It is considered to be a woman in menopause when a year is passed without menstrual intent. Symptoms that are usually included in & # 39; mopeds & gt; are high looks, night shots, subtle drynesses, and changes in & # 39; the mood.

The study included 1744 women in ages 40 to 65 who received medical care at the Mayo Clinic Women's Health Clinic in Rochester, between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. The participants full Questionnaires to Evaluate Their Symptoms of Menopause, Your Expected Stress Level and Your Full Awareness. The researchers found that women with higher scores of fully consciousness had less mouthopausal symptoms. As a woman's level of stress was higher, the relationship between more consciousness and menopausal symptoms increased.

Another surprising result of the study is that the higher scores of full consciousness are not related to lower schools of high lightning and night shifts, Dr. Sood. One theory to explain is that the amount of & nbsp; is unlucky & # 39; night sweats and all flashes can be more related to some of the features of & # 39; The symptoms themselves. According to Dr. Sood, a great result of the study, was the relationship between higher scores of full consciousness and lower schools of symptoms of irritability, depression, and middle-aged women's suffering.

"While more research needs to be done, doctors could think of mindfulness as a possible alternative to menopausal women", adds Dr. Sood.

Fortunately, competency is a skill that can be learned.

"The first step in fully consciousness is mainly to make it aware that the spirit works most times with automatic pilot. The purpose of consciousness is not to lower the spirit, but the activities of & # 39; saving a spirit, The second step is to make a pop: take a deep egg and grab your own step, your thoughts and your emotions, without making a kind of judgment. Dr. Sood. (Source: Mayo Clinic)

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