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Friends of Javiera Suárez: State is serious, but is aware

Years have passed and Javiera Suárez remains her courageous fight against skin cancer, then it expanded to their targeted lung, bone, directed breast and liver.

But on Tuesday afternoon it is Clínica Alemana confirmed that the communication was set to the medical institution, without giving more details about his health.

[LEE AQUÍ] Javiera Suárez has been added to the Clínica Alemana

Those who refer in more detail to the process that Javiera lives are his friends. In Las Últimas Noticias, Juan Carlos gave "Pollo" Valdivia that "Her condition is serious, but she is conscious, surrounded by the love of her lovers".

Nevertheless, on this day, he was visited by Claudia Conserva, Pamela Díaz, Pablo Zúñiga and José Miguel Viñuela.

Two days ago, the TV show had taken a photo of the fight it & # 39; t found in & # 39; with his family has been in these months with these years.

On the image she appears with her son, praying for the Fermoed. What is successful is that they did not write any text, which they usually do in a publication.

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