Tuesday , August 3 2021

Filter who would be the winners of "Invincibles" from Chilevisión

The night of this Sunday Chilevision will postpone the last chapter "Unlimited", Docu reality is driven by Kika Silva, who could not do it. Proof of this is the empty tune that gets each week's space and the little one that has given it to speak every one of their episodes.

But from a side fan The Filtrador, they discovered the name of a winning family of the program, these hours before the last chapter is released.

The households that reach the final are the following: the Zirpel, consisting of Isidora and Beltrán, students of physical education and professors of functional training; Fernando, marathon teacher and teacher of physical education and Felipe, boxer and functional training practice. Team that always has a good performance in reality, keeps each of & # 39; e testing.

While her competition, the Curotto family, consists of Marisol, Renzo and her children. Those who have a gym as a business and are dedicated to crossfit practice. Although in the first chapter they produced leadership and equilibrium problems, they can be improved by the end of & # 39; reach the space.

And finally, those who had won the victory were the big prizes the Curotto the title "the strongest family in Chile" and a millionaire price.

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