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Ezzati reappears: "Unfortunately, the ancestors delivered were not mine" – National


Ezzati reappears.

Archbishop of Santiago mentioned his decision to remain silent after being summoned to testify of the concealment of the Catholic Church.

Archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo EzziWas summoned to testify to the Catholic concealment of the Catholic Church and then kept silent and reminded the public that the background of the court was not his.

When the restoration of the Church of La Viñita in Recoleta began,I declare that they will do it when they have a background in which they want to question me. Unfortunately, my ancestors were not mine and gave me precedent for the Diocese of Langkawi."

This is after Ezzati's defense request for his dismissal of concealment of violence in the Catholic Church.

According to the slogan CooperativeThe Cardinal was called in early October to testify to Emilio Arias. At the time, he decided to use his right to ask for his dismissal and remain silent.

The Archbishop was also called on August 21, but the Defense Department demanded that it be postponed by saying that it should be reviewed.

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