Wednesday , June 16 2021

Experts say the world needs a new money

One hamburger a week, but no more. That should eat all people to eat their health and the planet, according to a report on Wednesday that tries to change the diabetes of a world.

The amount of egg should be less than four in a week, the report says, and milk products one should serve one day, or less.

The report, created by a panel of nutrition, agricultural and environmental experts, advises a food product from fund-raising, with arguments supported by previously published studies that have linked round meat with increased risk of health problems.

Other recent studies have shown how to keep the wake of the ice creams. The red meat production includes land and food to listen to cattle, which eliminates methane, a gashouse.

John Ioannidis, president of disease prevention at Stanford University, He said he understood the growing concern about how things impact the environment, but that the recommendations of the report were not the level of scientific uncertainty about nutrients and health.

"The evidence is not as strong as it seems," he said.

The report was organized by EAT, a non-profit organization based in Stockholm that "" helps to improve the food system and was published in the medical journal. Lancet.

The panel of experts who wrote it said that an "important nutritional form" is urgently needed by 2050 and that the ideal money they have written is flexible enough to adapt to food culture around the world.

In & # 39; general, The diabetes focuses on whole grains, ties, fruits and most vegetables. He finds that added must be limited, more refined than white rice and strong shade such as potatoes and cassava. He adds that the average red meat consumption with half worldwide should be reduced, although changing the necessary changes according to the region and reducing reductions should be more drastic in more rich countries, such as the United States.

Mar, The convincing people to limit their consumption of food, choice and eggs will not be easy, especially in these areas, they are part of a culture.

In Sao Paulo system analyst Cleberson Bernardes said, while he elicits a restaurant that something one serving of red meat a week would be "fair". While in Berlin, artillery Erik Langguth pointed out that there are better ways to lower the gas gas emission sources and to make the suggestion that the world manages meat consumption.

"If it doesn't have meat, it's not a good meal," said Langguth, who's originally from a region known for its bratwurst.

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