Sunday , May 16 2021

Effects – Heart damage is caused by the use of smoke appliances

Cardiovascular disease spreads increasingly in the country, mainly linked to various risk factors, such as insufficient species, sedentary life and the use of cigarettes. While in the country there are no studies or accounts of specific cases of cardiovascular health damage caused by the smoking of electronic devices that many modes are among young people, cardiologist specialties that their use is linked to the development of hereditary conditions

Dr. Ernesto Díaz Álvarez, director of the Dominican Institute for Cardiologist Association, an organization that offers 45,000 consultations indicates that the nicotine in the electronic cigarette increases by 20% in variation of the heart rate and increases the frequency by 10%.

He stated that, according to the American Heart Association, the electronic cigarette fast and persistent increases in heart attack and blood pressure. This, he added, could make a health risk in people who have never tasted of the nicotine that they contain.

The President of the Dominican Socialist Republic of # 39; Cardiology, Dr. Claudia Almonte, said that there are many international studies that indicate that exposure to nicotine, including electric cigarettes, adrenaline increases, resuscitation of heart attacks and plotting deaths.

The director of the Cardiologist Institute stated that no institutional director is in that institution, but that is known that the majority of young people come to the necessity, presenting a warm event , deserve this custom.


Dr. Almonte says that in the country not under investigation youths have cardiovascular events for combating electronical apparatus, but global studies have been made to patients who develop this way. The idea, he said, is not to change habits, to eliminate anything dependency, is harmful. "We usually do not even think about the lesser level of carcinogenic exposure, it also has an exposure to nicotine-fever, which causes the heart to seduce, so we do not agree to stimulate the use of electric cigarette ". Petear interviewed, Dr. Díaz Álvarez and Almonte agree on the importance of the population of healthy people.

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