Tuesday , November 30 2021

Due to the condemnation of the Municipio de Las Condes for the transition and verification process


El 26 ° Juzgado Civil de Santiago ordenó a la Municipalidad de Las Condes a pagar una indemnización de 959 thousand 564 pesos a transeúnte que sufrió una caída por una vereda en estado en la avenida Américo Vespucio Norte, and octubre del año pasado.

Así, el jumb Humberto Provoste taking into account the demands of the parties against the affected municipality Due to the service in the accident, the cause of the pneumonia of the dental pie.

In the fall, "it is expected that the demand incurs in service, as well the vereda dawns the accident of the demands presentaba un desnivel, que correspondía al municipio corregir, and precisely with the posteriority of the accident, because the mere will be able to attribute to a solid state of the mayor. "

The resolution of the day proves that "the accreditation is accredited by the accident accident acting on the part of the municipally, matching stats if there are alguns for the actor", which is refreshed with the medical attention that recovers the accident.

Understanding, "For the sake of patrimony," The Municipality of Las Condes has a population of 959 thousand 564 pesos al denunciante, Mounted backrest conforms to the registration range for the IPC, in contrast to the notification of the present sentence and the interiors of the coronation to the sentence.

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