Sunday , December 5 2021

Deputy Renato Garin reduced from the Kameryk Ethics Committee "Diario y Radio U Chile


His party, Democratic Revolution, would have asked the lawyer to go to the proclamation of aggression against him.

Thursday, November 22, 2018 11:33 am. 640w, h5h55hh5-620x416.jpg 620w, 395w

The deputy of Democratic Revolution, Renato Garín, developed on Wednesday from the Ethics Committee of # 39; the deputy room after his community asked him to support the controversy he was involved with a parliamentary lawyer of his choice.

"Today I am in a situation of high-level publicity in my performance as a member of the Commission. … By his nature is the statement of 'speeches and actions of our colleagues' s complex, in particular in personal circumstances I find myself, "said Parliamentary in a statement.

The resignation of Garín comes despite the fact that the Ethics Commission itself has inadvertently stated that the statement of parliamentary advice to the deputy is.

The law was during an interim quiz when he was appointed aggression. From Democratic Revolution, it is not the first time that Garín is in controversial environment, why it loses a floor in # 39; the shop opposite.

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