Sunday , April 18 2021

Deputy Joaquín Lavín: "Cathy Barriga will always be part of Maipú's history"

The UDI President Joaquín Lavín León came out of his wife's defense, Mayor Cathy Barriga, to & # 39; the action of the communications authority in & # 39; a wallet of large local heroes containing the Liceo Nacional de Maipú.

According to 24-hour declarations, the parliamentarian gathered that Barriga "is always critical of criticism, to try to break it. She is a woman who has a lot of work in a Maipú municipality."

About the controversy over the performance of his image in the National All School, Lavin León made it clear that "This wall is bordered by the various boundaries of Maipú's last 200 years, it is the first mayor and has a place in & # 39; deserving of history, it seems. "

"I think it's a very nice tribute and CAtry Barriga will always be part of Maipú's history as the first mayor, " He made it clear.

The parliament defended the administration of Barriga as mayor of Maipu, which has expressionism that it is "many medical woman, very small (…). This critically ends their reinforcement".

Deputerde Lavin went on to say that "there are many people who want Cathy Barriga to be the next president of Chile".

Nonetheless, the city council determined to start a parliamentary career, at least on the short term, to & # 39; she is a great mayor, she wants public service and not politics, that's what many times here is Congress ".

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