Sunday , December 5 2021

Day of Nursery Education, the commemoration of an important stage for children


Since 1991, Every November 22 is held in the country of the day of # 39; e Nursery EducationTo accuse the relevance of the first educational bicycle that is satisfied by girls and boys.

The date is the creation of the first school of Nursery Education, in & nbsp; the University of Chile, the year 1944.

"We work to make the first education an important part of the educational bicycle of every person, you can make a difference. Let's not forget that, like the first level of education, it's the opportunity we have to get from the social unrest, "says Nursery Education, María José Castro.

The author emphasizes that "a good first education has been assigned to a set of factors, but without doubt the most relevant is human."

In the kindergarten world, the opinions are conclusive on the importance of this stage and how it lives the life of the # can mark the youngest children positively.

"The role of nursery is Children's chances for discovering, building, and exploring the world around them. Within these tasks, she starts and brings them closer to the knowledge of environment and mathematics, pre-reading and writing, "explains Romina Castro, specialist in # 39; Early Childhood Education by the Crecer with Todos Foundation.

In social networks grew groats from institutions and parliamentarians, among others.

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