Monday , May 17 2021

Coca Mendoza refers to the departure of Gonzalo Fierro and the management of Marcelo Espina

America's waves regret the way the Young Gunman came out and points out that Espina has a heavy and intense work.

The departure of Gonzalo Fierro from Colo Colo brought a series of reviews for the treatment of the player who was formed in Colo Colo. Historic players and fans came in the defense of # 39; a player, asked the actions of Marcelo Espina and Blanco y Negro.

If someone generates the side position and the effect of the game in Cacique, Gabriel Mendoza, Coca had no problems in the reference to the disappearance of Fierro.

"It is unlucky, without doubts, we must also assess the football issue, Gonzalo may not be ready to go in Colo Colo, but it must have been the starting point of another point. But it is us, or the players are usable and they are like any business, you are doing well and if they are not. That is the way it is, that's football, "said Coca.

Mendoza also called the director, Marcelo Espina has so far compelled to sport management.

"Marcelo has a very tough and unbearable, I think he came to another Colo Colo, with a completely different or what he imagined. And that's to be seen in everything that happened that the camp was meant to him, he asked for the departure of Hector before there was a separate meeting that Mosa said in an audio filter that Marcelo had a whole game with Hector, that he knows us, as much as I do, we know him since childhood. I think Marcelo came to a climate that is very rare, perverse, and believing is the people who carry out the institute, not realizing that the team belongs to all Chileans, " closed

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