Wednesday , July 28 2021

Cobresal gets its first win and leaves you at the bottom of the tournament

Cobresal 10 University of Concepción

Cobresal: S. López; J. Contreras, R. Cabrera, R. Gonzalez, M. Jorquera; J. Gutiérrez (66 & 39; D. Müller), E. Farias; S. Céspedes (66 & 39; F. Reynero), I. Poblete, M. Figueroa (67 & 39; C. Escobar); C. Muñoz. DT: G. Huerta.

U. de Conce: C. Muñoz; V. Retamal, H. Martínez, G. Mencia, G. Voboril; A. Camargo (78 & 39; S. Pino), J. Balloon; N. Maturana (74 & 39; F. Cordero), H. Droguett, N. Orellana (61 & 39; J. Huentelaf); P. Rubio. DT: F. Bozán.

Goal: 1-0, 70 & # 39; Poblete, with a powerful shot from the distance that Muñoz left without options.

Referee: Cristián Droguett. He advised Huentelaf (U).

El Cobre Stadium. 600 people visited, approximately.

In courses, youth players.

Cobresal defeated Universidad de Concepción 1-0 and won her first three points in the National Tournament. This led by Gustavo Huerta, also a position in positions and leaving the University of Chile as the base of the championship.

The first time was clear opportunities of purpose. Both teams, focusing on their defense, did not respond to the opponent, alerting their respective individuals. The local team approach had Israel Poblete and later Marcelo Jorquera as protagonists. The Campanile, meanwhile, waited and captured its attacks on the right-hand sector, where Víctor Retamal was often described. Nicolás Orellana is the same in the opposite lane.

Hugo Droguett, the left-wing experience of & # 39; a team that enters Francisco Bozán, took the vineyards and, by the minute, released the strangers into three thousand of court. The pitch of the seedlings improved, but it was the farms that delivered the game at their own pace. A control was close to the meaning of the opening in El Cobre. In & # 39; e 35 & # 39; went to Rubio's hand with the miners and tried to pick up the ball over Sebastián Lopez, who was strong to rehearse.

After cardboard, in 37, Rodrigo Cabrera hit the ball with his hand in one area, and Cristián Droguett sank the maximum penalty for the visit. Droguett was responsible for defining the 12 steps, but it usually gave him. Continued and at & half the height, left of Lopez, which does not store the weak airshell.

Fourth minutes from & # 39; one end of & # 39; A first half went to Orellana in the left-hand area and was left to the slightest goal. His shot hit the vertical, so again the objective for the Concepción was resumed. Play it similar to the one you & # 39; t in & # 39; s 52 & # 39; Prevented, when the Colo Colo was conceived by the same region and renamed the formula, however, the pole was rejected by Bozán again.

Just after Carlos Muñoz's right hand side of Cristian Muñoz was in the right-hand side to prevent the account from being displayed in & # 39; homeowners, Poblete opens the wholesalers in El Salvador. The men removed several meters from the center of the field, left the ball with some luck and stabbed it in the arc of Muñoz with a flip-flop completely impossible to contain. Cobresal added its first victory and is in a 15th position with five units, while the University of Concepcion appears in the 14th place with eight points.

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