Friday , April 23 2021

Clubs certain European Financial Fair Play: They cannot draw if they do not customize

On this Tuesday a new council of presidents was held in the ANFP and the clubs, unanimously, a new deposit Financial Association Play with European Style, replacing the economic find with a higher penalty: Unable to subscribe.

"We are looking for the best practices in which you noticed references are, like the European market, and from there came an order that was" & # 39; a side of "Chile's reality," 39; t Some limits are "He explained Aldo Corradosi, general secretary of ANFP.

The limit is that Klups cannot earn more than 70 percent of staff resources. It will also allow a "maximum deficit in a period of three years, so that clubs can become independent and stable over the long term."

About Criminal Points, Corradosi has rated & # 39; if you have an existing economy, we need to emigrate to a Financial Fair Play and If a club does not determine these limits, it does not set the clubs themselves, they cannot draw players into the inter-sector"

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