Sunday , June 13 2021

"Chiqui" Aguayo had a special presentation in Olmué

The routine of Daniela "Chiqui" Aguayo He made everyone on the patagal when he was noticing, he was interrupted by the animators.

And it's that over the stage, where the lights are, Some cables began short, promoting care for the organizers of the Huaso Festival in Olmué.

Soon the animators, Karen Doggenweiler and Cristián Sánchez supported the presentation of & # 39; e "very good morning", wait for & # 39; cause to stop. A technician went to the spotlights, securing the câbles.

After that, the humorist returned to complete his routine, in the middle of & # 39; weeks of misfortune managers. Show that he managed between 00:02 and 01:07 20 average points, with a peak of 23, what some Belén Mora did was from & nbsp; the night before.

This was added to the tremor which was determined between different regions of the country, although in Olmué in a smaller scale. In fact, many of the people present do not feel, nor does Illapu have you in & # 39; The time was from the tellurian movement.

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