Monday , May 17 2021

Chilean scientists discover that glucose management for Alzheimer's progress

A team of Chilean researchers reach advances Campaign against Alzheimer's, after discovering a relationship between the activation of a pathway and the exact metabolism of acne in the brain.

The work, led by the doctors Nibaldo Inestrosa and Pedro Cisternas, from the Centers of Aging and Regeneration of the Catholic University (CARE Chile UC), and developed in animal models, has reached Improve cognitive capacity and memory in mice and recently published in the Yearbook Neurochemistry, or it was reported Efe the researchers.

Behaviors, learning and feeling of humor are cognitive abilities that have a high energy consumption in the heart and the proper treatment of sugars in that other can now be produced in a laboratory, through this study.

The researchers could see the importance of & # 39; e a cerebral path calls Wnt in the metabolism of glucose, a fundamental process for neurons and brain activity.

Experiment in transgenic animals

The experiments, developed in transgenic animal models, seek special longer or slow Alzheimer's, the most frequent illness of aging, that's about 18 million people in the world and is the fourth cause of # 39; death on planet.

The investigations "indicate that Activation of 'Wnt Path' stimulates glucose metabolism, especially in neurons, a very important process in the brain, another that requires a lot of glucose and energy for its proper functioning, especially in regions that are related to memory and learning processes, such as the cortex and the hippocampus, "said Dr. Cisternas.

The soul, he said, takes 2 percent of bodyweight, but requires about 20 percent of sugar and 25 percent of ATP (the fundamental nucleotide in cellular energy) of the human body.

Through the research, the correct treatment of sugars in the heart can be incorporated into a laboratory. (Photo: Pixabay)

The ATP, stressed Cisternas, is the energy molecule occupied by cells for its important functions and in this connection is an important aspect of glucose metabolism in almost all neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Hungtinton, This compound is associated with a reduction in 'skin' to prevent the use of glucose. "

At the same time, the Wnt is a mechanism that has been created by projections, which is related to processes of carcinoma, synapses, interaction of neurons, and memory and learning and research has its leading role in Alzheimer's and investigated other failures, and some strategies to activate it.

The latter, to prevent injuries and to make connections between neurons.

Improve relationship between brain cells

Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa, National Scientific Prize, declared that the Alzheimer's neurons suffer from the accumulation of an unbearable prognosis called beta amyloid, which has the symbolic function that communicates the neurons with each other.

In this connection, to save the Wnt path "is possible to recover the relationship between brain cells and prevent injuries. For all this, it is essential for us to find components that can be activated and that can be modified in possible treatments to combat this pathology, "he said.

"In our latest publication, we have determined that if we activate the Wnt port in our models, the cognitive response of these animals has been improved, and stimulates glucose metabolism, along with all the features we've previously investigated," said he.

But, "when we inject a glucose uptake inhibitor at a time, this protective effect is lost, which means that Activation of the road promotes improvement, but it is also Depending on the use of glucose and ATP generation"

Based on that background, Researchers develop various strategies to activate the Wnt symbolsTo improve a improvement in the coming of & nbsp; Alzheimer's disease.

"We want to train therapists of molecules that generate an activation of this path and thus prevents Alzheimer's patients that especially leave the free loss of relationship. This can be a major influence on the safe and family environment, "said Dr. Cisternas.

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