Saturday , September 18 2021

Chile Vamos agrees with Sebastián Sichel and criticizes Republican Party for its own candidacy | Lanlik

National Renewal and Europe Guidelines, They assure that they will give their support to the presidential candidate of Sebastián Sichel, ahead of the November elections.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party confirmed that will carry a presidential candidate in November, which will be announced by the General Council in the coming days.

In the face of the presidential election on November 21 and following this weekend’s results, there are already votes in Chile’s support for the community’s independent candidate, Sebastián Sichel, who won the sector primarily and must now, seeking support from coalition parties.

Renovación Nacional assured party secretary Diego Schalper that they would now focus on winning the presidential election, supported Sebastián Sichel.

From political evolution, meanwhile, several members have indicated that they will support the candidacy of the former Minister of Social Development. One of them is Senator Felipe Kast, and it was also confirmed by the party’s general secretary, Luz Poblete.

Likewise, Deputy Luciano Cruz-Coke said when leaving the political committee that supporting Sichel is a political commitment of his party.

On the question as Sebastián Sichel the will be “Continuity of Sebastián Piñera”, government spokesman Jaime Bellolio said a policy renewal was being sought as years of change came for the country.

At the same time, the Republican Party has confirmed that it will run for president in November, which will be announced by the General Council in the coming days. but it has not been confirmed so far, as it will be José Antonio Kast.

Of RN they were against, make sure Republicans have to ask themselves if it makes sense in this political environment to raise something else.

The institutional commitment of all parties for Chile Vamos, is to support the triumphant candidate of the sector in the primaries. Otherwise, what happens in the commands, in particular in the command of Ignacio Briones, consisting of many independents, who, they are not obliged to support the former minister.

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