Monday , May 17 2021

Carabineros: the whole were replaced by Frenchman in Order and Security

De General inspector José Rivera would also have come from Carabineros, tenth since the case after the death of Camilo Catrillanca. Rivera would have sent his resignation on Fridayon the same day that the General Christian Franzani, national director Governance and security, he has replaced it in a intermittent intermission.

The information will appear on Monday The third, that's all Rivera himself recognized him with his densely circle in Carabineros. "I go away, I do not want to get my family back to me, I'm excited about everything"He told them.

De General Rivera was until Friday the head of Metropolitan Area. This is the man who is responsible for police services throughout Santiago, and seized in # 39; the line of command of the setting. During the departure of Franzani, General Rivera was in command of Order and Security on an interim basis, as a subrogation.

Rivera agreed to his decision to remove the general director from the last Friday in Carabineros Officers School, located in Providencia. Generally Soto, however, asked him to expel his departure to Wednesday, so that before interpellation to Minister Chadwick, on Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies.

Sources of settings give rise to more democrats. On the last Friday of & # 39; The meeting told General Soto the generations present to make an internal overview of their staff in charge and communicate to & # 39; The midfielder told them to continue working with the institutional trust, but if they wanted a step beside them, they were in their right to do so, as long as it was Wednesday.

Of all high-ranking commands of Carabineros are six general positions, which means they have more seniority in the setting. But only five cars inspire the general director to complete or complete his period.

With the departure of Franzani, in setting the belief is that Two may be the possibilities to occupy his position. One is the General Fernando Rivero, national director Support for Operations, but I must step down in command line.

The other option is the General Kurt Haarmman, Chief of Staff, which would have confidence in the government, in 2013 he was assistant to Minister Chadwick, in the first government of Sebastián Piñera.

Yet there are some doubts about this possibility. One is that it was intended to wait for that designation and thus generate General Soto, in three years, but the victory would be power to raise it in command of command.

With the departure of General Rivera, the name of Haarmman came back to get paidAlthough the interior of the interior changes faith in Carabineros, they are closer to politics than the operative.

Meanwhile, Different political sectors expect changes in the structure of Carabineros. Former Minister of Interior Jorge Burgos He said that "the first thing is to supplement the culture of leagues, it is to alleviate innocence, or to condemn it." It's of unquestionable gravity, everything is secondary. "

Meanwhile, before the former secretary of Carabineros, the senator Felipe Harboe, a "deep internal restructuring is essential, with a system of cross-checks and external controls." Formation and promotion system changes.

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