Saturday , September 25 2021

Bungie and Ubisoft accused cheat makers of games like Destiny 2, PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Y Bungie file a lawsuit against the persons responsible for Ring-1, a popular site dedicated to sales traps for video games like Destiny 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, Battelfield V, Call of Duty: Cold War Y Rainbow Six Siege.

As reported by the Torrent Freak portal, this lawsuit was filed in a district court in California, United States, alleging that the people serving Ring-1 caused serious damage to the proposed titles belonging to Ubisoft and Bungie for those who sell traps.

“The conduct of the suspects has caused, and continues to cause, a massive and irreparable damage to the Complainants and their business interests. The success of the Plaintiffs’ games depends on them being fun and honest for all players. “says question. Cheaters ruin the gaming experience. Not only do cheaters reduce the enjoyment of the game by non-cheats with whom they interact in the game, but cheats also win illegally, thereby devaluing the in-game rewards that non-cheats legitimize. “

In this sense, the companies are seeking that those involved in Ring-1 be sanctioned by the laws of Copyright both for the creation of the cheat and for the presence of graphic material of the games belonging to him on his website. All while the plaintiffs also seek damages and the closure of the site.

“As a direct and immediate result, plaintiffs are entitled to damages and damages in amounts to be proved at trial, which at present cannot be determined. Alternatively, plaintiffs are entitled to a maximum legal damages of $ 150,000 for any infringement of copyrighted work, as for any other appropriate amount (…) “, add the complaint.

The lawsuit is currently focused on Jonathan Aguedo, Andrew Thorpe, Wesam Mohammed and Ahmad Mohammed, as well as people who have only been identified by their names online, so Bungie and Ubisoft plan to change their accusations when they eventually reveal their true identities. of those can find. the individual.

The skins that Ring-1 sells are not cheap and, for example, on Destiny 2 They have a weekly cost of 30 euros (more than $ 26 thousand Chilean pesos). Thus, this legal action is expected to put large sums of money at stake and add another chapter to the dispute between video game companies and cheaters.

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