Friday , April 23 2021

Brazil: the country that means everyone in 2019, at least in the economy

Jair Bolsonaro took over the presidency on January 1 and received a country through poverty, unemployment and other social problems. The country's economy has been registered since the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistica's latest research, in 2014: slow growth, sleep and recession, until the finish in 2017 is repeated. Now it is meant that the actions in Latin America's largest economy are better performance in this region this year.

Brazil is the country of the future, at least 2019, according to money companies.

The parties from & # 39; the largest economy in Latin America will be the best performed this year in & # 39; A region, according to 68 percent of the investments surveyed, visited the annual CEO of Banco Santander's CEOs in Latin America.

Another January edition of Merrill Lych, Bank of America, has shown that about 90 percent of respondents expected the company to be & # 39; countries end the year above the current level.

The index of the Brasov benchmark, Ibovespa, has already created 8 percent of this period, in & # 39; An investor wins the new administration with its proprietary promotions to enable the companies to privatize and carry on the penis. The index is currently operating at a record level, and the medics performance of strategists is that it closes 2019 at 105,950, 11 percent higher than the current level.

The survey on Merrill Lynch found that 91% of its participants believe that the long-term expectation will be approved in 2019, and a third of it expects it to enter & # 39; a first half of the year occurred. Almost half of Santander's survey expects approval in & # 39; a second half of one year.

Second option

Argentina, which continues through a year of presidential elections, was considered the second best option of Santander's respondents, while 25 percent of & # 39; An investigation by Merrill Lynch represents investments to increase their participation in the country, and no one to lower them.

The S&P Merval benchmark this year has 15 percent in dollar terms, most among the main indexes, after losing more than 50 percent of its value in 2018.

Investments in Latin American stocks will be more focused on reform and political development in a region. They are followed by trade tensions between China and the United States, global prices of raw materials and, ultimately, the rate of increase of the federal reserve, according to Santander's research.

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