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Bohemian Rhapsody is cheesy but effective.


Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Bohemian Rhapsody It is the name of the anticipated movie based on the story of a legendary singer. Freddie Mercury and Rock Band Queen's reputation has improved.

The film by Rami Malek and directed by Bryan Singer shows a young Mercury working as a baggage delivery agent at the airport. Guitarist Brian May decided to form a band by drummer Roger Taylor, who at that time became a queen.

In the film's chronological way, we can see the delightful rise to the band's stardom, which is called the name of the film, which is one of the great love of the guardian era. Live Aid viewers, symbolic concerts, will experience what Queen members are faced with in their careers.

And this is one of the biggest problems of film. You can not deny something. The myth of Queen is huge. And you can hardly or not talk at all in a two-hour movie that's one of the bands. The most popular rock. The fact Bohemian Rhapsody tells us They smell cheese but are calculated in an effective way It is precisely designed to create emotions using the cheap resources of drama.

Lamy Malek, He is a great actor and has an excellent interpretation of Freddie Mercury. (Although I confessed that I wanted to see him interpret Sasha Baron Cohen Who originally intended the role).

The only thing that annoys me is that it is fixed with a tooth on some parts of the movie, and sometimes it looks like a caricature of Mercury rather than an interpretation.

Bohemian Rhapsody I missed the opportunity to say something very good.At the end of the tape it is not clear what the focus of the film is, such as the Queen's Band, Freddie's life, or his relationship with Mary Austin, one of eternal love.

What original aspects of Mercury are explored further, or how did her sexuality show her style and family relationships? Like a ribbon Walk to Ray, even La vida en rosa. In addition to painting, they are an excellent example of music biography that talks about the moments they live in and the social environment they developed.

Finally, the music number at the end of the tape is the best moment, and you can not tell the queen that you can deliver the same feeling of redefinition forever while watching your original presentation in live AIDS.

Bohemian Rhapsody is not a bad movie, and unfortunately Unreasonable film within the musical genre.

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