Thursday , March 30 2023

"Blue eyed blonde": Biography of "Kenita" Larraín is one of the three best-selling books in the country.


Since its publication on October 12, the book "Blonde in Blue Eyes" has been installed in the domestic bestseller in the "Nonfiction" category.

This is the biography of the model María Eugenia Larraín, written by journalist Sergio Marabolí. Sales success has been transformed over almost a month. Based on data provided by Antarctica, Catalonia, Contra Punto, Chile Book Fair, Lolita, Queréo and Chimera Bookstores, La Tercera's ranking shows the progress of titles that fall into one of three already read.

On this occasion, "Blonde with Blue Eyes" took the top three and fought side by side with "The Dictatorship" of Jorge Baradit and Edith Eger's "Auschwitz Ballerina".

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