Friday , April 23 2021

Between awards and applause Delfina Guzmán received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 Caleuche Awards

This Tuesday was the ceremony of the Caleuche 2019 Awards, an initiative it tries to highlight the active role of recognizing the best performances.

In this instance, hosts Gloria Laso and Francisco Pérez-Bannen are responsible for providing the Lifelong Achievement Award, recognition that it was defined as the & # 39; sharing of public beliefs and suffering of & # 39; e peers & # 39 ;.

The actress recognized this year Delfina Guzmán (90), wife Chilean actress known from her multiple roles in television, some in her & # 39; a "Stupid Cupid", "Sucupira", "La Fiera", "Los Pincheira", "Lady and Worker", among several others.

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Visible presenceGuzmán took the stage to get his prize.

"It is a lot of children. What did anyone do? Then get up, do your things. Make A Little What a pity I have, I am so sad with pain, "were his words.

Through tears he thanks his colleague's. "I give them", he said "end of his prompts and in & # 39;" the middle of a standing ovation.

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