Thursday , June 17 2021

Apple is reviewing and deserving the re-installed device

After the start of the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr In December, Apple announced it several old devices would be stopped.

After the poor financial results that were expected in the past few months, the company was based on Cupertino, United States, various movements than that. Improve your earnings, among them I would have decided Sell ​​one of & # 39; s devices that will cancel for months.

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According to the special page MacRumors it is over iPhone SE, a device that was broken down in September and that Apple results on its United States website.

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<p itemprop=It is not clear if this decision is of & nbsp; an appeal will be permanent or if it is only a stock colorThe company, however, is Yes, I made products from this device in India.

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<p itemprop=Although many users have expected an iPhone SE update, the technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known to hit several of his prizes, Ask for the coming of a new version of this device.

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