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Have you even treated an antibiotic to treat a cold or a common cold? Let me tell that not only he played with his health, but he can face a serious problem: antimicrobial resistance.

This is the week of awareness of antimicrobial resistance or drug resistance, which is the capacity of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and some parasites to maintain antibiotics against them. When it happens, antibiotics are no longer effective, meaning that infections are persistent and can also be transferred from one person to the transfer. Dr. Catalina Hoyos, Medical Director of Pfizer for Colombia and Venezuela, affirms that this problem is a "threat to public health".

"Antibiotics are medicines that our bacteria against bacteria, so if there are diseases of viruses, parasites or inflammatory disorders, there are other treatments for each of them," he explains.

The expert answers:

For which disease did antibiotics use?
and for whom?

– "Any disease that is caused by a bacteria should be treated with antibiotics, but many of the cases of flu or common cold (it can be said that 60% or 70%) is caused by viruses. viral is, you do not have to use antibiotics, for the person has no relief infection or made by a bacterium.
In a disease that is viral etiology, it should be treated according to this condition, which means anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory (antifebrile). If there are any cases of allergy, antihistamines are used but are not antibiotics. "

Why is it important to use antibiotics well?
"Since they are those who fight bacterial infections, they are what they are weak (note that humans have baked millions, good and bad in body), but if it is not needed and an antibiotic is given to the organism, which has been done that the bacteria mutation (change) are adorned to antibiotics and then, if there is a disease in which these medications are needed, are needed More spectrum of antibiotics, more expensive or in The worst case, these antibiotics have no effect, so it is important to provide the appropriate treatment for the infection or the disease that is ", says the expert.

Under the infections that are becoming increasingly difficult to treat, pneumococcal infections (the pneumonia, ear infections, sinusitis, meningitis), skin diseases and tuberculosis are illuminated.

Within the context of the World Awareness Week on the use of antibiotics, which is being held until November 18th, Pfizer performs through its campaign & # 39; Keep small actions alive millions of lives to do this global threat.

"In this campaign, we are all called to be more aware of the good use of antibiotics For doctors, patients, the general community, and even pharmacies, there must be a consciousness where they & # 39; 39; s occur, for example with respiratory infections, and use the users to view the doctor, that is, one You must examine and decide what is the right treatment. Forms that do not provide doctors, antibiotics tell you time, do not formulate families, I do not know if they say they say this antibiotic me, and they give it to the temptation or the grandmother We need to make the decision to use antibiotics by the doctor, who is the only one in the time to give these medicines to patients, says Hoyos .

WHO Recommendations
– Take antibiotics only as prescribed by a certified healthcare provider.

– Do not ask questions for antibiotics or health officers as they are not needed.

– Always follow the instructions of health professionals on the use of antibiotics.

– Fed the food in the hygienic conditions with the 5 keys for WHO food as a model (stored clean house, number of raw and canned foods, cookie cookies, foods for safe temperatures and use of water and safe raw materials), such as kitchen foods Which production of antibiotics are not used to stimulate growth or preventing diseases in healthy animals.

– Antibiotics do not use those that are left over.

– Increases by frequent whitening hands, eating hygienic hygienic conditions, addressing severe contact with patients, protecting protective measures in sexual relationships and facilitation of vaccination. the height.

– Resist antibiotics is the risk that the performance of modern medicine. If we have no effective antibiotics to prevent and treat infections, orgic transplants, chemotherapy and surgical interventions become more dangerous.

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