Wednesday , May 12 2021

Animation of Tonka Tomicic and Benjamín Vicuña in Paris Parade & # 39; not fully convince the twitterers | TV and Show

This Sunday was the ninth version of the expected Paris parade, a event where the main street of Santiago is followed by music, dance, red balloons and colors to earn adults and children.

In this issue, 2018, the transmutation was responsible for Channel 13, while the direction of the television cheerleader Tonka Tomicic and the national actor Benjamín Vicuña.

In addition, the singer Denisse Rosenthal They appeared on stage, exciting her fans who played her with each of her songs.

It was this first aspect that found the attention of twitterers, all the people of # 39; and the events with the hashtag #ParisParade commented.

And is it that Vicuña had to leave the transfer for several minutes, Tomicic said, dozens of Internet users commented that there was a small "dynamic" between the animators. In addition, they asked for the quality of the transition. Let's take selfie, the full appreciation of animators, according to the twitterers.

"Tonka better than ever with Vicuña," "what respect for respect they have more on animators than monkeys" and "fome transmission" were a few of the comments.

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