Saturday , July 24 2021

Aníbal Mosa will sell its Black and White shares on Tuesday 13 April

Hannibal Meuse, President of black and white, will sell its shares in the franchisee that manages the Club Colo Colo on Tuesday afternoon, April 13th.

“They will be filed in one package, which will be carried out by the Santander brokerage”, informed economist Paul Fontaine, former director of Blanco y Negro, to Third.

Fontaine, who was the right-hand man of Puertomontino’s businessman when they met at the club, explained that the minimum bid is 10,423,800,000 pesos (each a share at 300 pesos).

They are all sold together. Not separate. Cast gives you the right to three seats in the Black and White board, so this auction is very interesting: it does not give you total control, but it leaves you at its gates, “the economist explained to the aforementioned media.

In the same lines he pointed this out “Barticciotto could associate with different footballers, for example with Arturo Vidal, and buy the package, Then form an alliance with the Social and Sports Club and thus take control of the institution. Today, that possibility is closer than ever and if they want to, they can do it. “

However, Fontaine also indicated that there are other options: That one near Leonidas Vial if the businessman himself buys the package; if that no one offers and Mosa continues to own the shares.

One week after the sale date, on April 20, will be the shareholders’ meeting, where the new president of ByN will be decided.

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