Thursday , April 22 2021

Amazon finally succeeded in its direct sales business in Brazil

The anonymous representative represents another step in the & # 39; extension a retail rig in latin america, and the landing of its main company in Chile comes

Closer and closer to Chile. Amazon continues to advance in the expansion of its online retail business in Latin America. The American giant known from Tuesday the start of his direct sales force in Brazil, from the new distribution center in Sao Paulo, with 11 products categories.

In the beginning of the Amazon, Amazonus learned in that country in 2012, focused on the sale of digital and physical books, and since 2017 new categories were added by the sale of shit party products, or mark.

Mar now it is the main service in the country, known in 1P, with the direct sale of its own catalog. The announcement means that the products make available from 200 thousand to 320 thousand, of which 200 thousand correspond to books.

"We want to sell as much as possible in Brazil and for that reason it is necessary to get in & ldquo; 1P. In the world are more than 50% of sales in 1P and 50% in thirds ( brand), to us not There is farewell, it is a courier of options for the client, "said the American president of Amazon Brasil Alex Szapiro the local newspaper Valor Economico.

Between the categories of products that start selling through their new channel are televisions, smartphones, computer science, home articles, for babies, toys, cosmetic and personal care.

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In addition to direct sales, the company has made signs that it will take the offer in the largest consumer store in South America where & # 39; it starts Free transportation for purchases over 149 reais (US $ 39.62 today), while books and games remained at a minimum of 99.

The strategy makes doubles by experts in one sector, due to the well-known logistical problems of operations in Brazil, a factor that has actually influenced the decline of direct sales announcement in the country.

Retrieving these risks, Szapiro said that his operation is always testing the highest level of efficiency, and ultimately making the business sustainable for a long time.

Mercado Libre, one of the most important rivals that has the US in & # 39; An online retail company in Brazil, currently working as a brand plate, and in 2017 he sought to follow a similar path, a free distribution for sales greater than 120 loans, although later had to change the circumstances due to high shipping costs.

With 47 thousand square meters, the new distribution center has an add-on such as 10 football pitches.

Although Szapiro holds the investment or the number of people involved in raising the 1P platform, director Reuters stated that Amazon added more than 1,400 people directly and indirectly to all operations in Brazil.

The rumors about the start of direct sales, confirmed today, already they were the actions of other retail competitors in Brazil, both traditional operators and online. The titles of rooms such as Via Varejo, Magazine Luiza and B2W feel the impact.

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