Wednesday , May 12 2021

Álvaro Espinoza on the Sangre Package: "It's getting more serene" TV and shows

After the death of Karina (Antonia Giesen) Governance of Bloed, the night TV Channel 13, launched a new stage in # 39; The four friends that Pablo Macaya played, Álvaro Espinoza, Pablo Cerda and Néstor Cantillana.

With a renewed opening, where some individuals are seen to be awake with # 39; The two friends (Karina and Daniela) next to the search of PDI in a place that is still unknown, this production still calls more followers.

It is so much the feeling that has caused many catalogs as worthwhile worth the popular Netflix platform for both its content and its audiovisual language, but will be the second stage as attractive as the first?

In this connection, Álvaro Espinoza, the one for learning one of the most female debtors, gave details about what's coming Blood octopus and Benjamin, who has died two days behind him.

"The telescope is genuinely harder, and the writers do not know what they are or what emotional status they are, but it is worse and it is much worse than what we have hitherto …", he told in an interview with La Cuarta.

Is that after the murder of Karina, everything can be expected in the plot, there are even some guys adjusting that the police starts the nucleus close to Dr. Vial. "There is still much to be seen in there, there is a lot of garden to be able to get to the characters and it will get more energy and I think it's bad for people to listen".

The psychopath Benjamin

Although At the beginning it is included as one of the focus of the quartet of friends, Benjamin finally came to the dance and most of all, to get everything to prevent his image as an ideal family tree.

In the behavior of his character Espinoza decided that only the tip of the screen was seen. "Benjamin has not yet seen the worst face"he declared. That right, if you read, is physician more and psychopath if we thought.

What the shocking center had Antonia Giesen had to record, said Álvaro that it was a challenge for him. "In my case was a kind of character of emotion, in such a situation, very complex, since the proceeds of Antonia (Giesen) were total. A masterlike scoop was knocked down and the maximum effort was not to come as an actor was not in that emotional tunnel and the role of psychopath, but the work is much easier, the cast is great, then things are just, "he said.

Now we just have to wait for the packet of sangre writers to get in their hands, that's the same as the night appetizer position that's very talkative about.

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