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Alexis Sánchez has a new romance with former reality girl? »DUPLES

alexis sanchez romantyk

Apparently the striking player and scorer of The red, Alexis Sanchez, has a new romance, following his past relationships with Mayte Rodriguez Y Anna Modler.

This new love affair of the “Wonder child” was confirmed by the journalist for entertainment, Cecilia Gutierrez, With the aim of answering a series of questions from his followers who have doubts about the sentimental situation of Sánchez,

“Many ask me about Alexis Sánchez and what is his heart? Is he alone, accompanied, sad, enjoying? Well, it turns out they told me a few days ago that I was with a girl in Barcelona. “ were the statements of the driver of Star Zone on his Instagram.

“And how do I get half the PDI when I get that data. Here is the result of my research ”, he added to present his version on the subject.

“She was married in a reality show, but apparently it was all part of a television show. Because she dated Alexis for a while, then they stopped seeing each other and now there was a reunion,” he said. Gutiérrez assured.

In this way, the journalist published some stories on her Instagram account to show the supposed new relationship of the player of the Inter de Milan with the reality girl and influencer Katerina Safarova.

Alexis Sánchez romanceAlexis Sánchez romance

In this sense, Gutiérrez presented his proof of the goal-scorer’s supposedly new romance of The red, Showing photos and videos from the Instagram accounts of Sánchez and Safarova where they share together.

The supposed new romance of Alexis Sánchez

Katerina Safarova is a 22-year-old Russian model who became famous by being a finalist in the reality show The Island of Seduction, broadcast by the Spanish channel Telecinco in 2020.

Within the world of international entertainment, to the also influential He was briefly associated with Brazilian star Neymar. But it could never be confirmed if they had an official dating relationship.

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